How Does It all Work?
The first step is to contact us, either by phone (508) 693-2237, email – info@bigskytent.com or through the contact page on our website (link). It is helpful if you can provide us with some basic information about your event, even if you are still in the preliminary stages of planning. Information that will help us put together a preliminary estimate include the event date, event location, type of event (wedding, cocktail party etc.), estimated guest count, will there be a band or disc jockey, will you need a dance floor, and any other things that you think we should know. After we have gathered some basic information, we can email you a preliminary estimate which will include the basic items that you may need for your event.

What happens next?
That may depend on the complexity of your event and what stage you are in the planning process. If your rental needs are relatively simply or you know exactly what you want, then you may be ready to move forward with the order as is or with some minor changes or adjustments. You can always contact us by email or phone to make changes or adjustments to your estimate, and when you are ready, you can reserve rentals by signing a rental agreement and making a payment. If, however, you in the initial stages of planning a more complex event, then you may wish to further explore your options among the various rental items that we offer. You can do that by scheduling a showroom appointment with one of our sales staff. At your showroom meeting, we will lead you step-by-step through the items that you may need for your event. We will show you different options and styles of tables, chairs, lighting, tablecloths, napkins, china, flatware, glassware etc. In either case, once you feel that the estimate accurately reflects the items that you need for your event, you can reserve those items by signing a rental agreement and making a payment.

What if I cannot make it to the Island for a showroom meeting for several months, but I want to get my rental order reserved now?

If you are unable to visit our showroom in the near future but you want to keep your event planning on track, you can schedule a virtual showroom meeting where our sales representative will walk you through our rental selections on our website.

What about the tent? How do we know if it will fit at the site?
If you are planning to use a tent at a location that we have not previously tented, we may need to arrange for a site visit. We prefer to meet with you (and/or your event planner) at the site so that we can discuss tenting options and any issues that the site may present. If that is not possible, we can do the site inspection without you and report back with the results.

Everything on the order looks good, except the quantities of china, flatware and glassware do not seem to match up to our exact guest count.
Many of our rental items including china, flatware, glassware and napkins are packaged in specific quantities by the rack, crate or bag. As a result, we rent those items in minimum increments which may differ from item to item depending on the capacity of the packaging. Unless your requested quantity falls exactly on the applicable rental increment, your order will reflect the next rack/bag increment greater than the quantity you have requested. For example, if you order 40 wine glasses and they come in racks of 25, you will receive 50 wine glasses on your order.

How do I reserve the rental items on my quote?

We require 50% deposit and a signed rental agreement to reserve the rental items on your quote.

When should I reserve my order?

We reserve our rental items on a first-come-first serve basis at the time when we receive a signed rental agreement and reservation deposit. If an item on your rental estimate is no longer available when we receive your deposit and contract, we will try to suggest an acceptable substitution. If we are unable to find an acceptable substitute item, then we will return your signed rental agreement and reservation deposit and cancel the order.

Do you deliver?
Yes. We deliver rental orders to any location that is accessible by box truck on the island of Martha’s Vineyard (including Chappaquiddick). We charge delivery and pickup fees based on the location and number of delivery crew needed for the job.

I own a pickup truck. Can I pick up the items myself?
Yes, you can arrange to pick up and return items from our warehouse. The items will be left for you to pick up on our loading dock. We recommend that you bring both a large enough vehicle to accommodate the rental items and the muscle-power needed to load those items into your vehicle. If we have available staff, we are happy to help you load your truck, however, during the busy season our delivery staff is often out on jobs so you should plan on loading without assistance. If you know that you will need assistance to load your vehicle, then it is better to arrange for our team to deliver and pickup your rental items.

When do you deliver?
We try to plan preliminary delivery schedules for each week as early as possible and we will communicate with you as that schedule develops during the planning process. If you have specific preferences or requirements for deliver times, please let us know as soon as possible so we can try to accommodate you. We generally confirm delivery days and time windows during the week prior to your event, but because of ever-changing circumstances (weather etc), we do need to retain the ability to change your scheduled delivery time if necessary.

Do you set everything up?
We set up all tents and install any flooring or stages, and we install all lights, heaters, fans and other equipment on the order that requires an electrical hookup (*see power supply responsibility below). We setup tables and bars that require assembly and, if there is a floor plan, we will place tables and furnishing in accordance with the plan. All other rental items including chairs, chair cushions, china, glassware, flatware etc. is deliver stacked on pallets, in racks or crates, or individually packaged and is usually left on the dance floor or in another designated location. Your event planner, caterer or florist is responsible for the final placement of furnishings, table setting and décor for the event.

Who is responsible for providing power for the event and how do I know if there will be enough power?
Although we install, hookup and test the electrical equipment that we provide on your rental order, you (or your event planner) are ultimately responsible for making sure that there is adequate power at the event site to handle all of the equipment being used by all vendors at the event. We will advise you of the power requirements for the rental items on our rental order. If you provide us with the power requirements of your other vendors, then we can help you determine if the venue has adequate power/circuits/outlets to handle the electrical load. If the venue does not provide adequate power, we can recommend options for renting supplemental power generators.